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At Genki:
Miss Andrea Dolores will be hosting a panel about the holistic approach to competitive cosplay and give pointers on how to add that little bit extra oomph to your cosplay.



How many years have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying for approximately 2 years. I started with a great passion for making massive, expressive characters. I also analyze the character’s personality, so I can make the character more realistic.

When I want to play with the imitation of a character’s personality, I usually pick ones such as Jessica Rabbit or Black Cat. These costumes are more about the physical part, body line, and talk. Yes, they are more attractive, but also more demanding, because you have no armor nor mask to cover your face so you have to act like them and move like them.

How were you introduced to cosplay?

Well, I was introduced by my friends, who have been doing cosplay longer that I have; that’s how I got started.

What is your greatest achievement as a cosplayer?

My greatest achievement as a cosplayer was to inspire other cosplayers and people that never saw cosplay or even knew that a thing like cosplay even exists.

In your opinion, what is the the greatest thing about cosplay?

The greatest thing about cosplay is bringing out your creativity and desire to create beautiful wearable art. You are making your fantasy world real and people who do cosplay are powerful, because they possess the power to make characters from stories into real life.

Which of your costumes is your favourite?

My personal favourite costume is Saint Celestine, because I love the Warhammer 40K world and the story behind the game and characters. Every character is unique and has a mad design, but most of all, I loved the process of building it with my boyfriend.

He helped me with some things, so this was the first and only costume he helped me with, and it is therefore very special to me. He offers help today, but I like doing costumes by myself and I will never forget the time he helped me.

Do you have a dream costume?

I don’t have a dream costume, but I’m planning big projects which aren’t going to happen till the end of this year.

What is your favourite convention memory?

My favourite convention was in Portugal (IberAnime). I had the best time there, and met great people and discovered new places and things; it was the best time of 2015.

What are you looking forward to when coming to Genki?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people at Genki; new creative people, new cosplayers and I have never been to Denmark, so I just can’t wait to see all new things and experience a different point of view. The convention came to me as a cherry on a top!

Any final words to our guests?

All I want to say is thank you for inviting me and I hope that you will enjoy my presentation. And I can’t wait to see other cosplayers in action, and I wish them good luck in the competition!