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At Genki:
Hoyinsama is one half of the dance duo, BURNIN’. Together with his dance partner, Jimmydreamer, he will be performing at Genki with some dance choreographs, as well as teaching YOU some dance moves in their dance workshop.


Dutch (The Netherlands)

How many years have you been dancing?

I have followed dance classes for a few years when I was 15. After I stopped taking classes, I continued dancing in my free time and eventually also danced together with many friends.

What got you interested in dancing?

When I was little I always thought dancing were for girls, until I saw cool idols from boy groups from both Japan and Korea which sparked the interest in me to follow dance classes.

What is your greatest achievement as a dancer/performer?

I think in the last year Jimmy and I found out together that we had a common interest in dancing Korean and Japanese choreography, which led us making the decision to dance together and make videos. Afterwards we joined a lot of contests and even went abroad for it. We have performed on big stages and won prizes, but the greatest thing is to be able to connect and meet so many people from different origins who are also interest in dance and choreography!

Which of your performances are you most satisfied with?

I am satisfied with every performance as long as the crowd or audience likes it.

What future choreography do you look the most forward to doing?

I have no particular plan or preference, but I really like choreographies with small groups. And I also like recommendations, so I’ll try to listen to what people like to see me/us dance. So we’ll see in the near future!

What is your favourite convention memory?

When I was in Dokomi the first time, and I was a little bit nervous since I have never experienced it before. I didn’t know what to expect, but I met so many lovely people there who all shared common interests, which was one of my favourite moments.

What are you looking forward to when coming to Genki?

I look forward getting to know a new community, and meeting a lot of people! I’ve never been to Denmark, so I’m looking forward the whole experience!

Any final words to our guests?

I will be looking forward to meet all of you! Please don’t be scared of us, we are friendly people!